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Top Benefits of Using A Massage Ball

If you work out regularly or play sports you know what sore muscles are. You probably also experience muscle knots once in a while, which is such a pain and limits you in your work-out. Even if you don't work out more than the average, a job can make your back cause you a lot of pain. Most of us have jobs that either make us sit in uncomfortable positions that give us back- and neck pain. If you don't have this still-sitting office job, you work with your body, and this is another cause of muscle and back pain.

Experts say that this era we are in is the reason behind the occurrence of a new epidemic: back issues. This is not natural, because it is caused by our lifestyles. Some people go to spas, pay for hour-long massages, which are never very cheap. Your back is probably the most important part of your body because if you have a problem there, it limits all of your movement. Back issues that are not treated early on, can cause irreversible problems later on in life. So, if you feel this is coming on or you already have it, you better act fast and listen to your body.

The Solution

Thankfully, some smart brains out there have invented the massage ball for those of us who neither have the time nor the money to go to massage parlors. The thing is, all the muscles in your body need regular care, so going to a once-a-week massage session doesn't cut it. It is much better to do ten minutes every day. Also, why would you pay someone to do it when you can do it a little while before bedtime, or while watching your favorite show in the comfort of your own home?

It is not only work-out addicts and fitness enthusiasts who benefit from therapy massage ball sessions at home. Like mentioned earlier, office workers and manual workers need to ease the strain of everyday life on their back muscles. Actually, they are very soothing for the feet too, if you are one of those that have a job where a lot of walking and standing is required.

Key Benefits

If muscle pain is not an issue for you, well, you are lucky! There is another issue a massage ball can help you out with, and that is cellulite. Few women can avoid them, and what can prevent them is good blood circulation. The therapy massage ball gives a very deep tension relief in the muscles and the blood flow improves even further down in the layers of the skin and muscle.

The benefits of obtaining a massage ball are primarily that you yourself can be sure that you will get frequent treatment for your sore muscles or cellulitis. No matter how full your schedule is, there is hardly a day where you won't have time to use it for even as little as five minutes. It goes without saying that fifteen minutes is better than five, but five minutes every day is better than one hour once a week.

The massage ball for back pain can help on more than just that. The benefits are many. The massage ball for back pain does more. Here are some of the other ways it helps:

● painful feet

● general muscle tension

● myosis

● strengthening of the muscles

● increases blood circulation

● it can come with you everywhere you go

● it can help you while you are working at your office computer

● rub and move under cold feet to get warmth back

● minimizes fat accumulation under the skin

● through increasing blood circulation, prevents aging of the skin

If you are a frequent gym-goer, you can bring the massage ball for your back in your gym bag, and after every hourly session you can lie down on a yoga mat and put it under your back. Lift your core muscle up, just a little bit, so your butt and back are aligned. Roll a little up and down. Move your back up and down and to the sides. If you do it for a minimum of ten minutes, it will prevent your muscles from being sore the next day. 

Tips for the Workplace

As was mentioned earlier, the jobs of this era are creating an epidemic of back and neck problems. Our shoulders, arms, and wrists suffer too. Sadly, the term "mouse arm syndrome" has become a famous term. The reason is that we use our right arm, unless you are left-handed, in constant monotone movements. Fluids gather in the lower arm, and your wrist and lower arm swell up. It is not terribly serious, but it is painful and affects your work. If it is not treated, the inflammation can grow and move upwards to your shoulder.

The advice against always to move your arm and wrists in movements that are different from that of moving your computer mouse around and pressing keys on the keyboard. Why? because it will make fluids move around, and increase the blood circulation.

We are not able to take breaks every thirty minutes in our busy jobs to start doing stretching exercises in our offices. We barely have time to finish work in time before the day is over. So what can we do? We can heal our muscle pain while we are working. Imagine the comfort of putting the massage ball under your lower arm as you scroll around with the mouse on your work computer. You are preventing and healing sore muscles, tension and wrist inflammation without having to take a five-minute break.

Fight Cellulite

So, back to preventing aging of the skin. Men, lucky as they are, do not need to worry too much about this. Women are more worried about signs of aging, and the fact is, a lot of it becomes visible because the skin loses elasticity. Movement and blood circulation is crucial here because it is the blood that brings all the good minerals and nutrition around the entire body.

Cellulite appears very early, however, but this is individual. Like with most conditions of the body, prevention is a hundred times more effective than treatment. What you want to do, is to make sure that your blood circulation is overall efficient, and that your body is in motion.

This feared condition happens when fat deposits that accumulated instead of spreading out evenly throughout the upper layers of the skin. It means that the fat deposits go above the connecting tissue beneath the upper layer of the skin, thus making it quite visible. There is no use in losing weight to prevent this because of women of a healthy and average weight experience this problem. Movement of muscle tissue, fluids and blood is the only way to prevent this.

Empower Yourself

When you are using the therapy massage ball, remember to listen to your body and your back. When it comes to your back, you can never take a risk. An essential rule of thumb when it comes to the spine and back is that when it hurts, you need to stop. Not everyone thinks about this because we are told when we are doing exercise and it hurts it is working. This is not applicable to our backs! If your back feels uncomfortable or worse, hurts, the position needs to be changed. The massage ball can be used in all positions and movements, so you need to make sure you have found a position that is comfortable for you, and just go ahead and ease your muscle pain, and help your body heal.

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