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10 Reasons to Upgrade to a Vibrating Foam Roller

If you ask gym-enthusiasts how they like to warm up or cool down before and after a workout, you’ll notice a common response: foam rolling.

This easy and efficient massage-like routine has become even more effective with the implementing of vibration. The vibrating foam roller, for example, has vibration settings that can be adjusted depending on whether you are trying to prepare your muscles for an intense weight-lifting session, or perhaps cool down after an inspiring power yoga class.

Of course the major difference between a regular foam roller and one that vibrates can be simply stated as a difference in intensity and recovery time, but to break it down even further, we have listed 10 reasons to take your foam rolling to the next level.

1. Faster recovery

When you’re done exercising, your muscle tissue is thirsty for air. Until it gets this “air,” your muscles are basically in recovery mode. A top foam roller benefit is the increased blood flow and oxygen to these muscles, allowing your body to get back to business as soon as possible.

2. Injury prevention

Going hard doesn’t mean you have to go home and nurse an injury (or the opposite, taking it easy out of fear of an injury). Regardless of what activity you favor (keep in mind “activity” is subjective and can be any movement, especially as you age), high-frequency vibration helps speed up the “myofascial release.” What is that fancy-sounding, hard to pronounce term mean? Muscles and tissue have the tendency to contract. This so-called release, is a way to send blood and nutrients to those areas pronto, helping them relax, thus, not so injury-prone. Of course, this takes time, so consistency is key!

3. Ease back pain 

A foam roller for back pain is great for those who are prone to pesky aches in the lower back. It isn’t just a trained masseuse who can reach the deep tissues of your body, but some vibrating foam rollers are actually designed to mimic the hands of a professional. Foam rolling the back is the easiest exercise to begin with if you’re new to the movement. Lie on your back and start with the roller under your shoulder blades. Keep your glutes off the floor at let your hands rest on your chest. Roll toward the head. If you notice a sticky spot, spend some extra time there. Make sure to always support your neck. Repeat as needed.

4. Gain flexibility 

Like any massage, getting the kinks out is like a giant sigh for the muscles. You feel free and able to move with more flexibility. Starting or ending a workout with foam roller exercises can help your range of motion, allowing you to achieve the goals you have for your body.

Toxins like to hold tight to your muscles, ligaments, tendons etc. Can you blame them? The vibrations from foam roller exercises give you back, neck, shoulders and other sore body parts a quick release of these toxins. Talk about an efficient full-body detox!

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6. Age-approved 

Because of the gentle power provided with various intensity settings, the young and the young at heart can easily adapt to a foam roller routine that is safe and effective. But let’s talk about the elderly population. When our bodies change, which is bound to happen with age, muscles aren’t as elastic as they once were. Thus, cramping and tension are pretty much inevitable. But no one, at any age, should have day-in, day-out pain. This is where we want to shout: vibrating foam rollers aren’t just for gym-lovers.

7. Move properly 

Sitting at a desk, staring down at a phone and putting strain on your body at work not only create tension and kinks in the body, but over time, your body doesn’t quite move the way it did. Or should. Reworking your routine to include a vibrating foam roller can help save your body from the stiffness its prone to, ultimately, keeping strain to a minimum and moving the way it did all those years ago!

8. Safe during pregnancy 

While every pregnant woman should consult her doctor before use (especially if foam rolling is new for you), there is much relief to be had by implementing a foam roller while pregnant. Activating your muscles with a vibrating foam roller will help release built-up tension, while also increasing blood flow. The increased blood fill will (hopefully) help take away some of that common mom-to-be fatigue.

9. Save money 

We think physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and the like offer incredible benefits to our bodies. There’s no denying this. But, they aren’t always accessible to all. Vibrating foam rollers allow an affordable way to provide your body the consistent care it needs.

10. General aesthetics 

We saved this one for last, because, this is really just a bonus of a vibrating foam roller. But, consistent use has shown to have great benefits to the skin’s appearance, including the reduction of cellulite, increased hydration and an overall exfoliation. 

We saved this one for last, because, this is really just a bonus of a vibrating foam roller. But, consistent use has shown to have great benefits to the skin’s appearance, including the reduction of cellulite, increased hydration and an overall exfoliation. 

A few general safety tips to consider:

● Avoid anything above the shoulders, particularly bony areas, organs, wounds etc.

● Foam rolling should not be painful. If it does not feel good, ask for help (or see one of the videos we incorporated below)

● Start slow. Just 10 minutes is beneficial when you first begin. Increase when you feel ready.

● Remember your body weight helps control the intensity. Work up to a harder roll.

Interested in seeing how a foam roller works? We get it, some of us are visual learners.

Knowing this, we’ve gathered some videos so you can get a sense of how to incorporate a vibrating foam roller into your routine.

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